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Clock In And Buy In.

We introduced Lights Out to the area over 5 years ago, but, the idea and plan had been set in motion years before that. As the owner and operator of Lights Out Academy I owe all the credit to my father who had this vision way before I even thought of becoming a small business owner and my mother who stood strong next to me through the ups and downs of the process. Without my family, the Lights Out Family would not exist.


Shortly after his passing from a 9 year battle with cancer, I fought, with the help and backing of my mother and family, to bring the vision of Lights Out Academy to life. Our goal always has been and always will be to provide quality and affordable training for athletes and individuals.


We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to train and compete at a high level. Sports Performance, General Health and Wellness, whatever your goal is we are dedicated to helping you achieve it.


Who Are We And What Do We Do?? We bring you the highest quality training environment through our 4 Phase Approach. It is through this approach that we are able to help every individual who invests their blood, sweat, and tears into our program. The X Factor in all of this is our commitment to providing a high energy and motivating environment which is where we adopted #LIGHTSOUTFAM from. Everyone who is a part of our program is considered family.


  • PHASE 1: Full Body Assessment
  • PHASE 2: Program Development
  • PHASE 4: Mindset and Accountability