How To Reduce The Risk Of Injury From Training, Competition, Falls, Or Repetitive Motion

by Bryan Henry     •     August 1, 2020     •     Training

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Avoid predictable and preventable injuries with the right technology.

Injuries are never 100% preventable, but we can decrease the risk of injury through subjective and accurate testing. The problem is, what type of testing should we be doing, where do we go for this, and ultimately is something of this nature going to absolutely break the bank.

Let me answer the questions above in short form! The only way to be fully assessed in terms of injury prevention is through 3D motion capture so that you are grabbing multiple data points in every plane of motion. Second, we at Lights Out Academy are investing in this type of software to make sure we provide the best possible training environment for our athletes! Lastly, we work on a one-time fee or membership basis. If you do a full movement assessment you are only looking at $100 as opposed to some people who don’t use any type of technology and go based off the human eye which leaves a ton of room for error. If you choose to you can do a yearly membership which is $100 for your first assessment and only $50 for the year every year after. Pretty affordable considering other people charge a few hundred dollars for one time and every time after that.

Let's Talk Injury Prevention Screening

3D Motion Capture Movement Screening includes a dysfunction assessment tool that helps to identify the risk of injury. This 3D functional movement screening technology gives athletes, patients, and workers the insight necessary to avoid injuries they might otherwise be susceptible to. Take an athlete in the gym, for example: If they don’t know how to lift correctly, it’s only a matter of time before joint or tissue damage occurs.

In screening for proper technique, 3D Motion Capture gives an objective view of the biomechanics of the lift itself, offering the trainer and the lifter the opportunity to make necessary changes.

How Injury Prevention Screening Can Make A Difference

Injuries are commonplace. It’s just an unfortunate fact about the world that we put ourselves in harm’s way in our jobs and when we exercise. The good news is that the vast majority of potential injuries are preventable.

An injury and illness prevention program in the workplace or at the gym that includes 3D Motion Capture Technology gives employees and clients the tools necessary to understand their body and movements to correct for mistakes that could cause harm.

3D Motion Capture Technology can be a key element in creating a healthy gym and work environment for employees or clients.

3D Motion Capture Technology gives an objective look at the movements people use every day and can be a valuable piece in a workplace or gym safety training program.

Assessing the risk of injury isn’t limited to the gym or workplace. 3D balance and functional movement modules are perfectly suited to assessing the risk of geriatric falls in older adults. Medical practitioners can use this technology to make evidence-based suggestions for their patients.

With 3D Motion Capture data backing up a practitioner’s opinion, better outcomes are sure to follow.

Why You Should Go Through An Injury Prevention Screening

Injury Prevention Screening tools can be used for non-contact injury risk prediction and to guide injury prevention programs.

The use of 3D Motion Capture can help us assess the following: Squat form, deadlift form, potential for ACL injury, baseline concussion testing, balance testing, tilt and sway away from center mass of the body, and much much more.

On top of all of this, we are able to develop return to play programs and corrective exercises to address areas of dysfunction. Things you couldn’t do accurately with just a trained eye assessing your movements.

Ultimately, we are capturing a ton of data points that allow us to create subjective reports and use crystal clear data to measure every possible angle of movement there is.

Risk Of Injury From Training

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