The Strongest Athletes In The Weight Room Have This In Common!

by Bryan Henry     •     April 7, 2020     •     Training

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On every team - or in a weight room - there's always a group of athletes who are stronger than the pack. It might seem like these athletes are gifted with natural-born strength and can simply look at a weight and get stronger.

But, make no mistake, this strength is almost always earned. So what's the secret sauce?? (insert joke about Mike's secret stuff from Space Jam) Here is what makes the difference between strong and weak athletes. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!

Strongest Athletes Persevere

Strong athletes have the perseverance and an understanding that it doesn't happen overnight. It's a process, and they keep working to get better. Throughout this process, they learn from their mistakes rather than getting upset. Every let down is just a stepping stone to victory. Failure is a word that doesn't resonate in the strong athlete's mind because it means final. Mistakes are something you learn from and can help you achieve your ultimate goal.

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